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Cold/It Ain’t Me MASHUP (Maroon 5/Selena Gomez) - Sam Tsui

Subscribe!! And if you’re subscribed, make sure to click that bell right up there ^ to make sure you get notifications when I upload a new video!! Spent this weekend in beautiful Okinawa, Japan with the crew to play a show, and though we definitely didn’t get as much time as I would have liked to explore the island, I knew I definitely wanted to film this week’s #TsuiTuesday video for you guys while there. Big thanks to Jason and Joel for helping me out with this one - and as always, if you like this mashup, please let me know, like, and share with your friends! More music coming soon — and next week, we’re headed back across the world to MUMBAI for #YTFF — cannot wait to see all the Indian fans and put on a great show there too!! (If you’re in Mumbai and want to find out how to get tickets and M&G, check my social media for info!!) Til next week, #Samily!! GET IN TOUCH! Me:
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